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Hooters Girls Wet T Shirt

hooters girls wet t shirt

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My throat is scratchy again; and I still have a cough. It's time to see the doctor.

I arrived in Hong Kong yesterday evening, around 11pm. I stayed up until 2am. I feel ok today; I'll go shopping later, mark some papers, and run; and then I'll head to church and afterwards, some CSP peeps and I will consume some vegetarian foodstuffs.

I enjoyed Singapore. It was nice to explore their culture as, again, seeing how other Asian people live helps me to properly frame my own experience as a foreigner living amongst Hong Kong people. I have begun to discard my animus towards the Hong Kong culture, to be replaced with a sense of amusement, and pity at how we, the people in Hong Kong, live.

The following is information that was recorded in my journal during my journey:

Some observations made during my first night in Singapore:
- the airport, opened in 1991, has a very 1980's, Miami-Vice, vibe
- Singapore is wired; free, sometimes wireless Internet is available everywhere, even in McDonald's!
- Singapore has much in common with the well-developed parts of Panama City: the weather is hot and humid; there are grassy sidewalks, and palm and banyan trees everywhere; there are many residential and commercial low-rises that actually shut off their lights at night
- I saw a homeless guy laying out on a sidewalk
- the older Chinese lady, who works at the gas station convenient store that I visited, spoke very comprehensible English; something must be working in Singapore's education system!

5/5/06 - I just showered and I'm going to sleep soon. It's been a very long day; I'm tired; and I reinjured my right foot while walking to the hotel this evening. I woke up this morning and watched the NETS game before Garlanda and I went downstairs for a nice, filling, buffet breakfast. We ate well and were happy, even though it was raining outside. After breakfast, we walked to the SMRT station and bought our E-Z cards and then we went to Sentosa Island, via cable car. Sentosa island is a well-landscaped, well-planned island that serves as a beautiful, tourist-destination day-trap, and the southernmost point of continental Asia! We checked out the southern tip of the island, and then we headed back into the city as it began raining. Back in the city, we checked out Little India. This place was part Hong Kong, and part colonial Indochina. Much of Little India is housed in this huge building complex that resembles what the HK government has dreamt up to house HK's wet markets and chicken markets. The other half of Little India is a sprawl of European-colonial architecture. It was enjoyable to tour through the area as there was much color, and aroma. We ate lunch at the Banana-Leaf cafe where we ordered much, delicious Indian food that was swiftly eaten on a Banana Leaf. It was quite the culinary experience. After lunch, we went to Chinatown to visit the oldest, and most amazing Hindu temple in Singapore. The temple is full of strange, mind-blowing images of various deities. I enjoy visiting temples of eastern religions and this was no exception. I get a big buzz from viewing icons that are beyond my frame of reference. Chinatown is a pleasant area. The main street, Pagoda street, is a long street (alley, perhaps?) lined with bric-a-brac hawkers and trinket shops. Like Little India, there is some beautiful, colorful architecture. We then visited St. Andrew's church, which is the oldest church in Singapore. Next, we visited the Raffles Hotel, home of the Singapore Sling. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to view the lobby as there is a strict dress code for men - no shorts - while women are free to come and go, naked, if they want, as they please. To top off our tour of the city hall area, we saw the world's largest, and underwhelming fountain. For our nightcap, we made the long journey over to the Singapore zoo, where we went on their "night safari" and had the wonderful opportunity to view creatures of the night! Part of the tour was conducted on a tram and the other part was on foot. The highlight of the trip was walking in a mangrove environment with huge bats hanging overhead. These bats were big, and we had to duck, and run, to avoid disturbing them; and again, they were huge, and tired; and we were frightened as we were in such close contact to them and had to walk around and underneath them! After viewing the creatures of the night show, which was lit-up with idiotic flash photography, we made the long trek back to Chinatown, where we then began, what seemed to be, and even longer walking trek back to the hotel. We took a different route as we couldn't figure out how to return to the hotel from the Outram SMRT station. Garlanda, the navigational wizard, was able to successfully guide us to the hotel, from the Chinatown SMRT station.

Here are some more observations:
- Singapore people let passengers alight from trains first, before barging into the train; the trains are quieter as there is less noise-spam from the SMRT, a

Halloween 2001 Hooters girl costume

Halloween 2001 Hooters girl costume

Since the previous year's costume was such a hit, I figured I'd up the stakes and the next year I dressed as a Hooters Girl for Halloween for work. Unlike the year before I didn't spend the entire day dressed like this, but I arranged for a couple girls in the office to help with my makeup that afternoon since I was kinda clueless with it. (And they were only too happy to help!)

I bought the wig, shorts, and pouch off eBay, but the shirt I just bought at a local Hooters restaurant. Which made for kind of an interesting conversation, actually...I told the waitress there that it was for a costume, and she asked if it was for a guy or girl. I stopped and thought about it, and said, "Well, I guess kinda both, actually..." :-)

Needless to say, the costume was a big hit at work! Afterwards we went down to Georgetown, which was great fun. The next day one of the girls who helped me told me that a friend of hers spotted me there and said, "Hey, look! There's a guy dressed as a Hooters girl!" And she responded, "Yeah! And I did his makeup!" :-)

hooters girls wet t shirt

hooters girls wet t shirt

Rockin' the Corps

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Track Listing: Star Spangled Banner - Ted Nugent Awake - Godsmack Whatever - Godsmack I Stand Alone - Godsmack Cat Scratch Fever - Ted Nugent w/ Godsmack Stranglehold - Ted Nugent w/Godsmack Livin' On A Prayer - Richie Sambora It's My Life - Richie Sambora Wanted Dead Or Alive - Richie Sambora Only Wanna Be With You - Hootie & The Blowfish Time - Hootie & The Blowfish Hold My Hand - Hootie & The Blowfish Soldier – Destiny’s Child Survivor – Destiny’s Child Crazy In Love – Destiny’s Child Detroit Rock City - KISS Love Gun - KISS Rock and Roll All Nite - KISS

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