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My sexy black tank top

My sexy black tank top

I wore my new sexy H&M $5.90 black tank top today. I wore it under my
new Michael by Michael Kors white oxford shirt today. I feel so
amazingly hott and wonderful wearing it. It is very comfortable and it
doesn't add bulk and makes me feel noticed and sexy. Here's the classic
profile pic in the mirror shot and I'm not looking.

You can see my new video camera there. It's pretty ill. I also bought
this brown canvas shoulder bag from H&M. It was $14.90 and I think a
cool bag. It's top loading (meaning there's a zipper at the top kind of
like how most women's purses are. It has plenty of outside pockets, one
inside pocket and a hidden pocket that is between the bag and your

Classes were good today. I was able to get into the Earth Science
class. I need this class to graduate in may. I also need one more
Humanities class, and I'm taking like three classes that fulfill that
requirement. Heh. And then I need four electives. I took my laptop
today and I checked the Waubonsee schedule pages every chance I got. I
also made a few new Mac friends. They both approached me when I pulled
my iBook out in World Lit. Travis Johnson is in two of my classes and
he wants to go to Columbia for film editing. I wonder if he already
does it; I would like to talk to him. He knows a lot about movies, and
he mentioned that he wants Martin Scorcese to get best director for The

This is my schedule as of right now (and it's subject to change):

9:30 - 10:45 AM
Marriage and the Family (I signed up for this tonight, so I didn't go
to class)

11:00 - 12:15
Earth Science (I did go to this; this is my only class not in Bodie
which blows; I signed up 40 minutes before it started)

12:30 - 1:45
World Literature (this is with Gary Clark, an awesomely fun guy who
comes into Jamba every day; this is looking to be the best class)

2:00 - 3:15
History of Western Art: Renaissance to Modern (Brandon is in this class
and so is Erik Moore, some cool kid)

3:30 - 4:45
Survey of Film (The Film as Art; I have this class with Steve and John

History of Photography (this is going to be kind of easy; Brandon is
taking this too)

shirt + pattern + skirt

shirt + pattern + skirt

I love this vintage pattern...I fell in love with the shirt and thought I'd make the shirt and the I did. I bought three sets of material for the shirt, my idea is that I start with my least favorite fabric and make the shirt, learning the pattern, all the ins and outs, all the quirky bits, etc. And if it turns out - bonus! And if it doesn't, I've learned a great deal to be able to go on to the next - then I'll make the shirt for the second time, it'll come easier, it'll go quicker -- (the first time the bulk of the shirt -everything except for the zipper and the sleeve facings took me about 5-6 hours - then another 1-2 to do the zipper, and the sleeve facings and the sash and all of the final ironing)-- the second shirt is likely to turn out even better than this one did, more perfect pleats and darts, less imperfections...then finally, the third shirt, by this point I SHOULD be a pro at this one shirt and be able to make a true quality garment, and the third fabric choice, is of course, my most favorite....and I can't wait!

The skirt was much simpler, it has a super sweet feature at the back kick pleat with a placard inside of the pleat as to not show your whole gam as you're walking, nice! Next time I make the skirt - believe me, they're will be a next time, I'll do the same with the skirt as I do with the shirt - I'll make some minor modifications at the hip line for a trimmer fit, but all in all it turned out nice.

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